Introducing FusionGrove.

FusionGrove is a Partner Business Sales platform that leverages Customer installed base data to identify specific sales opportunities in your current customers – making your Partner sales teams more productive and helping them win more deals.

Selling to existing customers costs 4x less than new customers but it also uncovers hidden opportunities before they become competitive.

By leveraging existing customer data, we are fundamentally changing how channel professionals are managing and growing their indirect sales organizations.
Using existing sales data to win more deals at a lower cost of sale, this drives new levels of Partner opportunity effectiveness, allowing true territory market coverage.

SalesIQ360 is an account by account, data-driven sales motion platform using existing customer data to establish opportunities.

It also reduces the amount of training & enablement that you need to deploy to partners by providing them prescriptive content and sales motions for each customer opportunity to close more revenue.

The opportunity by opportunity framework ensure that Partners engage the customer with the same proven process, then report based on high level sales motions so that you know the
opportunity is progressing.

Each step in the opportunity sales motion provides:

  • Content to engage & communicate the value proposition to the customer.
  • Reduced time spent on learning about your products, then trying to adapt the learning to the opportunity.
  • “Micro” interactions on existing customers driven by business intelligence so that they know where to focus the discussion.

SalesIQ360 is a data-driven, value-focused solution using existing customers as the basis. It drives immediate sales benefits out of the gate:

  • Reduce time spent on identifying opportunities in existing customers before they are at risk.
  • Reduce ‘directionless’, inconsistent sales activities across partner accounts.
  • Focused interactions on existing customers driven by business intelligence.
  • Finally direct your Partners to deliver the coverage models they were originally recruited to cover!

Partner Sales Organizations Are Using SalesIQ360 and Customer Data To Increase Sales.

    • Refresh older product to latest generation, earlier
    • Cross sell to new Cloud based services
    • Upsell advanced Feature / Software expansion
    • Locate solution gaps in your customer installed product portfolio
    • Identify dormant customers

How does SalesIQ360 Work?

1. It starts with your existing POS data SalesIQ360 pulls in your existing data to analyse
opportunities / gaps that exist in your Channel sales data. It doesn’t matter that your data is incomplete or inconsistent, SalesIQ360 is designed to accommodate messy data.

2. SalesIQ360 then groups your installed base by Partner, by customer and by product category group. Specific sales motions are created on what we’d like the partner sales team to do with each customer. Campaign content is also created so that Partners have content at their fingertips and the content can link back to your existing PRM or partner portal.

3. Each customer opportunity is then assigned to a Partner sales resource, combined with a specific sales motion so that they work through the customer opportunity step by step. You have complete visibility and reporting so that you can see the process and outcome of each customer opportunity.

SalesIQ360 provides a programmatic way to engage your Partner sales team using a data driven approach to drive sales and win more opportunities.

SalesIQ360 provides strong analytics and Reporting

SalesIQ360 provides opportunity by opportunity level reporting by each Partner. The detailed reporting for both Partners and teh Vendors allows for real time analysis across thousands of Partners regionally or globally.

Gamification concepts such as leaderboards create competition within the Partner Sales team to motivate engagement with the opportunities.

SalesIQ360 Analytics covers:

  • Vendor PAM & Program Management reports.
  • Sales leader boards.
  • Sales motion stage reports.
  • Excel based export for data manipulation.

Platform Features

  • Custom Branding
  • Completely Multi-lingual, run 1 campaign for unlimited languages
  • Completely customizable sales motions and content
  • You can run several campaigns simultaneously, deliver “Rifle Shot” campaigns rather than
    broadcast all
  • Data driven approach to delivering channel sales revenue
  • Web application with full Mobile interface
  • Dynamic content & sales motions on a per campaign basis
  • Handles millions of rows of data across 10,000+ partners
  • Easily deployed, base deployment in <30 days
  • System provided standalone or managed by Riverview
  • Several deployment methods, fully behind your firewall, hybrid and cloud
  • Single Sign On – SSO behind your Partner Portal – or standalone
  • Web based & full native Mobile for convenience
  • Strong analytics, single page dashboards for your Sales meeting
  • Easy to use user interface