How are you cutting through the noise to get your message to Partners and across their sales opportunities?

See how we connect sales teams to the most relevant, dynamic content for each situation and solution, providing flexible ways to pitch to customers and increase winning deals.

Take your best sales motions and deploy it to your Partner sales team to replicate success.

Our Interactive Mobile & PDF based Sales Playbooks connect sales teams to the most relevant, dynamic content for each customer situation and solution, providing flexible ways to converse with and optimize a pitch to customers and increase closed revenue quickly and without time consuming content updates.

Persona-based Guided Selling

  • Our bespoke playbooks are designed so Partners can demonstrably set up a conversation to qualify a prospect and understand the buyer personas (Influencer/Decision-maker etc)
  • Roles-based priorities and characteristics of the prospect (pain points etc)
  • Playbooks will guide the prospects through the buyers journey based on their buyer persona, vertical, industry and solution
  • Partners see sales cycles accelerated and more deals closed by ensuring their reps know what they need to do at each stage of the buying cycle

Repeatable winning sales plays

  • You can’t control everything Partners say and write however you should be providing
    syndicated repeatablesales motions. Our playbooks and sales tools ensure that all your messaging is consistent across email templates, call scripts, proposals and follow-ups
  • With natural language search and dynamic content management around sales collateral and when they should be used the playbooks are designed to optimise a Partners’ Sales pitch
  • Partners are able to find the right content among the mire of information to filter results and resources relevant to the opportunity at hand to help with:
  • Sales call process planning and checklists
  • Call methodology and qualification
  • Overcoming objections
  • Pricing negotiations
  • Lead follow-up cadence

Responsive, Dynamic, Mobile

  • Salesperson adoption is key to seeing a return on investment and impact on closed revenue.
  • Our playbooks are designed for dynamic content and are fully responsive for mobile and
  • Play by Play sales motions are easily followed by integrating modular learning science into the process, helping Partners Sales learn how to position and differentiate, identify challenges and follow process

Get actionable Analytics

  • Strong analytics are provided to all stakeholders – Vendor PAM, Partner Sales Manager and the Partner Sales Resource
  • All playbooks and sales tools are designed so you get actionable performance insights and understand the big picture to enable you to measure customer engagement and refine sales best practices against real user behaviour. These include:
  • Target number of conversations per day
  • Target number of meetings per week/month
  • Sales Motion tracking and outcome targets
  • Leads and opportunities close rates
  • Sales Leaderboards