What if you could use your MDF program to really help Partners engage their customers and develop pipeline that YOU could track right through to Point Of Sale?

With our Through-Partner demand generation events you will utilise ALL of Partner MDF allocation, lower your event cost by 25% and drive an average >50x ROI, increase pipeline opportunity.

Partner Driven End-Customer Event Programs

Our proven framework has delivered more than 2,000 Partner driven end-user events globally. We've taken the traditional "Event in a Box" program and made it programmatic and highly scalable.

  • Our event programs provide a low cost turnkey platform for your Partner to promote their product and supporting service offerings at regular intervals
  • Allows your thought leaders to directly position and promote solutions to End-users in
    concert with Partners
  • Allows for increased impact with both Partner and Vendor in exploring sales opportunities hands-on directly with qualified prospects
  • Directly increases pipeline and reduces sales cycles
  • Proven to generate >50 x ROI in pipeline generation

Build a Sales Pipeline, Fast

Partner driven events fundamentally provide high value customer opportunities within the Partners existing customer base. Our framework is completely performance driven, if the event doesn't run we will re-run it at no cost.

  • Each event is created as an opportunity campaign or motion in your own PRM.
  • Attendee registration data is fed into your PRM and linked to these unique campaigns giving full visibility of sales and marketing ready leads for your internal field teams to work through with Partners.
  • The opportunity by opportunity framework ensure that Partners engage the customer with
    the same proven process so that you know the opportunity is progressing.

Managed MDF

To take the administrative burdens off both Vendor and Partner we offer a Managed Partner MDF Service where the whole MDF process for executing activities can be managed by us and still within your workflow processes and frameworks.

As part of our Partner Managed MDF Service we can:

  • Frame Partner MDF Requests and Applications
  • Supply Proof of Activity and execute Activity Submissions
  • Handle Third Party Supplier Payments
  • Claim Re-imbursement Process handling

Get Actionable Analytics

  • Strong analytics are provided to all stakeholders – Vendor PAM, Partner Sales Manager,
    Field Marketing and the Partner Sales Resource.
  • Attendee/Lead data integrated into Vendor PRM and linked to a unique Campaign
  • Follow-on Deal Registration and POS data is matched back to the campaign attendee
    company data
  • Campaign Revenue and ROI on MDF spend per partner, per event for full loop campaign
    success metrics reports

Platform Features

  • Low cost turnkey cloud based platform for systems and event management removes
    all administration from Vendor.
  • Fully automated custom branded themes and registration portals
  • Localised Dynamic Content for language and regional program nuances.
  • Demand Generation Event campaign engine to send invites, confirmations, reminders
    and surveys.
  • Managed MDF approval, submission and re-imbursements for Partners
  • Strong analytics with Partner and Event ROI single page dashboards
  • Base deployment in <30 days
  • System provided standalone or managed by Riverview
  • Several deployment methods, fully behind your firewall, hybrid and cloud
  • Single Sign On – SSO behind your Partner Portal – or standalone
  • Web based & full native Mobile for convenience