Drive revenue growth through the strategic use of sales incentives, communications and training programs. Offer exciting rewards for achievements and recognize outstanding performance to build and enable a sales channel that’s determined to win.

Add gamification to your programs and let the element of fun take user engagement, learning and motivation to a higher level.

Mobile First Platform

Our next generation platform is mobile first, allowing broader participation from your Partner Sales & Technical resources. Using mobile as the platform for your program delivery you can cut through the email clutter and directly communicate.

Reward & Incent Behaviour & Sales

With the Riverview Platform, you can provide incentives and rewards for:

  • Sales
  • Training Completion
  • Exam Completion
  • Quizzes
  • Sales Competitions

And countless types of other program activity that will provide you with a toolbox to create interesting and rewarding program elements for all stages of your program.

Marketing Built In

With a complete Mobile Push, Email, SMS and Web based marketing platform at its core, the Riverview platform can easily segment participants and then offer personalized content messaging in just 6 clicks !

Get actionable Analytics

  • Strong analytics are provided to all stakeholders – Vendor PAM, Partner Sales Manager and the Partner Sales Resource.
  • All platforms are designed so you get actionable performance insights and understand the big picture to enable you to measure rewards and incentives
  • Strong analytics with Partner and Event ROI single page dashboards
  • Base deployment in <30 days
  • System provided standalone or managed by Riverview
  • Several deployment methods, fully behind your firewall, hybrid and cloud
  • Web based & full native Mobile for convenience